7 Tips for a Successful ServiceNow PPM Implementation

According to analysts such as Gartner, ServiceNow PPM is one of the market leaders in project portfolio management, offering project-based companies numerous possible uses along their value chain. We shed light on this in this blog post:


  • What you should consider when implementing ServiceNow PPM
  • How to maximise the optimisation potential of the platform

1. Develop an implementation roadmap with short- and long-term organizational goals

The reason for evaluating project portfolio management solutions is often the same: the existing tools can no longer meet the requirements of an agile and efficient project management organization. However, implementing a new PPM solution does not automatically result in better process flows. It is important to set priorities and achieve a good balance of urgent need for improvement, strategic objectives, and possible quick wins through the platform. Defining KPIs for the potential implementation of individual project modules provides a solid basis for decision-making.

2. Select the right implementation partner

The ServiceNow implementation partner network is large and transparent. Certification levels with strict criteria ensure a high level of content expertise and implementation competence of the consultants. A distinction is made between:

  • pure resellers of ServiceNow products
  • consulting firms with implementation services
  • managed service providers
  • companies that provide support in customising and integrating third-party systems 

Capture is a ServiceNow Premier Partner: We specialise in the implementation and integration of PPM solutions.


Practical tip: Learning from PPM success stories.

3. Preventively identify technical, personnel and structural hurdles to implementation

An important criterion for success in PPM implementation is to address project risks and preventive measures early on. Project hurdles can be of a technical, personnel, or structural nature. All three areas need to be reflected on and proactively addressed. On the technical level, it is essential to deal with the data architecture. On the personnel level, the identification of potential PPM ambassadors, but also opponents, can be helpful for the positive course of the project. Structurally, setting up cross-departmental committees can help manage the impact of PPM in different departments.

4. Invest in professional change management

PPM implementation is a major milestone for your organization and requires appropriate investment. Be sure to consider staff development measures, as this is the only way to realize the potential of digital project portfolio management. Bringing about changes in working practices and organizational mindset, such as increased diligence in data collection, is not a trivial task. The new PPM solution may make things easier for staff, but these benefits need to be made visible and communicated on an ongoing basis.

5. Develop solid project plans for your implementation phases

What may sound paradoxical as a practical tip is due to the phenomenon of internal projects. For project portfolio management experts, project management is their daily bread, and yet their own projects can get short shrift in the day-to-day business. Define your implementation phases and break them down into your own project plans.

6. Remember: After the project is before the project

The business world turns quickly. Once new processes and ways of working have been established, a lot has been achieved, but it only becomes really sustainable when you continue with concrete, recurring further development measures of your project portfolio management after the completed implementation project. Because:

  • New staff members have to be onboarded.
  • Strategic focal points can change and have an impact on the process organization.
  • As a learning organization, unexpected impulses will always emerge that contribute to more efficiency and innovation in day-to-day work

7. Build ServiceNow PPM expertise internally

PPM is constantly evolving and is now part of the ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management solution. Engage with the capabilities of the platform to accelerate your digital transformation.






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