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What is PPM about?

Project Portfolio Management, or PPM for short, is the continuous process of planning, prioritizing, overall control and monitoring of all projects in an organization and thus deals with the selection and administration of the optimal project-oriented initiatives that achieve the maximum business value or the highest possible return on investment.

PPM is a dynamic process that enables management to make data-based decisions about the best possible use of company resources in order to focus on projects that are feasible on the one hand and strategically aligned with the company’s goals on the other.

Since it is possible that some projects within a project portfolio are in competition with each other, the overarching task of portfolio management is to select and carry out the projects and programs that are suitable for implementing the organizational strategy. Of further interest is the reduction of the resulting cross-project risks and to achieve a more realistic resource capacity planning.

Another important goal of project portfolio management is to create a coherent and transparent view of all projects, programs, and investments within a company.

Project Portfolio Management is not to be mixed up with a company's financial portfolio although your IT projects are also investments that fall into a (project) portfolio in which you control risks and increase both your return and your value.

Get help to be able to solve common PPM/PMO challenges OR Disciplines of PPM

Do any of these sounds familiar to you?

  • No centralized place to request projects
  • No visibility of all the work that is going on
  • No visibility on all the projects in the portfolio
  • Projects that run over budget
  • Difficulties to anticipate and plan for future demands
  • Lack of visibility to key milestones and performance
  • Poor communication of project status and performance
  • People don’t know how to initiate new projects
  • Long delays and missed deadlines
  • Not having a clear picture of all the investment dependencies

Features of project portfolio management

Project Portfolio Management can support your company in many ways and across several departments. While PPM reduces risks it also helps with focusing on the most-valuable projects and provides necessary data to decide on an efficient usage of all your resources.

To dive into PPM, it is important to know the different main processes of PPM and what their main purpose is. Neither of these processes is less important than the other and they moreover influence one another and are dependent on each other to a certain degree. Get more information by clicking the respective icon.

Demand Management

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Project Management

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Portfolio Management

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Resource Management

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Financial Management

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Application Portfolio Management

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PPM brings in a lot of benefits and advantages in your organization

- but for now we’d like to give you an overview of the main advantages:

Basis for a holistic planning, optimization & coordination of all activities related to projects

Foundation for an efficient & effective utilization of scarce resources (personnel and financial)

Enablement for detecting chances as well as risks early throughout the project and program lifecycle

Foundation for an efficient & effective utilization of scarce resources (personnel and financial)

The added value of Capture

With our 10+ years of experience we know that successfully implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution is more like a journey than a sprint. In this journey we guide and support our customers by adding our expertise across all industries.

Unparalleled PPM experience

Diverse & talented team

Focused on customer outcome

Agile implementation approach

Boost your business with PPM

With Capture SmartStart you can jump start your PPM processes with our experts,
pre-configured processes from best practice, proven implementation methodology and sustainable support services - no matter where you are on your PPM journey.
You benefit from no financial risk – no product risk – no methodical risk.
Start your journey with Capture today!

Get the most out of your PPM investment

We know that PPM is a journey. To support you all the way and make you and your project portfolio management even more successful on the long run, we offer a variety of services for every PPM maturity stage. Regardless of whether you haven ́t started your journey yet, or you are already midway through to the finish line.

Find out how

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