The Powerful Combination of SPM and ITSM/ITOM for organizational high performance

In today's rapidly advancing digital landscape, companies often face resource shortages and fragmented IT processes as they strive to enhance their degree of digitalization and continuously adapt their operations. However, integrating Strategy Portfolio Management (SPM) and IT Service Management/IT Operations Management (ITSM/ITOM) solutions enable efficient IT service delivery and corporate productivity.

In this blog post, you'll discover:

  • The benefits of integrating SPM and ITSM/ITOM solutions
  • How cross-system processes can enhance IT service maturity.
  • Key considerations when merging systems and redesigning processes. 

Say goodbye to isolated applications! 

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Your IT department relies on an ITSM system for organization, while corporate and IT projects are managed using a separate Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. This disconnect prevents you from obtaining a holistic view of resource availability and project costs, leading to inefficiencies, chaos, and conflicts.
  • Your IT service team constantly switches between ITSM for management purposes, ITOM for information about the IT infrastructure, and various Task Management solutions to submit their timesheets and to check the upcoming to-dos. This constant switching creates inefficiencies and introduces errors when solving problems and hard to focus on the real work.

With ServiceNow, these areas are closely interlinked on one platform. For customers using other solutions, integration options are available to achieve cross-departmental resource management and seamless IT service delivery.

Provide an overlook for your resource managers to combine multiple sources of work backlogs such as service requests, project tasks, agile development issues, and general recurring tasks over departments while the workforce can use one interface to check upcoming prioritized tasks and to submit work logs.

Here are 7 benefits of integrating Strategy Portfolio Management and IT Service Management:

  • Clear planning, prioritization, and control of IT resource demand and availability in both day-to-day operations and business projects.
  • Analysis and optimization of resource expenditures at strategic and operational levels.
  • Comprehensible breakdown of resources, breaking down company silos.
  • Reduction of multiple documentation efforts by centralizing IT activities through a unified 360-degree control and single point of entry for employees.
  • Flexibility to leverage powerful features of the respective solutions for related processes.
  • Accelerated IT problem resolutions through intuitive, context-related display of relevant information throughout the project chain.
  • Simplified implementation of comprehensive process automation.

When should you consider integration?

Integration projects may seem daunting, and despite the compelling benefits, many organizations delay this development step for years. However, with the continuous, right determined preparations, resource management and process optimisation can be easily implemented in every digital enterprise.

ServiceNow is designed to facilitate the successful interaction of strategy and operational implementation. It enables the merging of SPM and ITSM/ITOM, and its Integration Hub allows seamless integration and configuration of hundreds of business systems and workflows out-of-the-box. However, the best practice is to reimplement those functionalities under the ServiceNow platform to avoid integration issues, data duplication, or multiple license costs.

Our consultants are ready to explore your unique development possibilities with the platform. Contact us to unlock the full potential of SPM and ITSM/ITOM integration for your organization's high performance.


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