Exclusive Webinar: The Evolutionary Journey of Resource Management

We are pleased to announce a webinar on Modern Resource Management Challenges and Future Potential, in partnership with ServiceNow and Projektmagazin, a leading medium in our industry.

James Ramsay – SPM Product Management Director at ServiceNow and Tobias Keller, Solution Architect at Capture guide you through the following topics:

  • How does resource management evolve in a changing work environment?
  • How do capacity planning and the achievement of strategic goals influence each other?
  • How will the use of generative AI impact individual and organizational productivity?

Resource Management in the Age of Knowledge Work and Creativity

Project management was originally designed for linear processes, such as those found in construction and engineering projects. However, the reality of project management is often much more complex, making it one of the most challenging business disciplines. Many traditional paradigms, such as the project management triangle, are no longer applicable in today's work environment. The idea that faster results can be achieved with more budget and resources is often proven to be incorrect.

Agile teams with digital tools and creative approaches are usually highly productive and deliver impressive results. How can agility be promoted and managed in a complex corporate context to meet the business need for resource management?


Increasing Value with Lean Management

The lean management philosophy provides a practical approach to the challenges of the information age. It emphasizes the identification and elimination of waste and the alignment of all company activities with strategic goals. This requires a top-down and bottom-up approach:

  • Management must transparently communicate the strategy and values and make them concrete.
  • Employees and partners should be able to comprehend and contemplate their value contribution.


Strategic roadmaps aid in creating this comprehensive perspective:


Hybrid Capacity Planning: Combining the Waterfall Principle with the Agile Approach

 If the focus is on selecting the appropriate measures and projects, the question of capacity planning immediately arises. Proven frameworks and methods for managing agile teams, such as SAFe and Scrum, are available. These frameworks are characterized by shorter and more detailed planning cycles. Team capacities are initially reserved and then allocated in an agile manner according to specific requirements. However, cultural factors often require resource management to follow the waterfall principle in practice. This involves comparing resource requirements with fixed distributed capacities within the line organization and managing them accordingly.

ServiceNow SPM enables organizations to use different working methods in parallel, allowing for a gradual transformation towards increased business agility without the need for radical or risky upheavals.


Maximizing Resource Management through Data Availability

The transition to an agile organization presents a cultural challenge and requires a suitable technological framework. Isolated solutions, connected with each other through middleware and a multitude of automation workflows, have historically grown in complexity. This complexity is at odds with a modern IT infrastructure that can serve as the basis for digital transformation. Therefore, the trend is clearly moving towards platform solutions.

In modern resource management, having connected and centrally accessible data is crucial. It is no longer limited to traditional project management data. By considering customer cases, product feedback, and data records from HR and ITSM systems, a constantly improving understanding of project content, effort, necessary process optimizations, and targeted prioritization can be gained.


Generative AI is Already Reducing Workloads Today

 In the past, the availability of data and increased engagement with it has also increased the workload. However, unnecessary administrative effort and approval processes do not contribute to a meaningful work environment. Therefore, digital platforms should be evaluated for their user-friendliness, including the potential use of generative AI tools. ServiceNow SPM can automatically summarize large amounts of data, such as product feedback, and generate user stories using AI. The product roadmap for this year includes conversational interaction with AI assistants, making the platform even more intuitive and effective.


ServiceNow SPM: Resource Management at the Heart of the Agile Organization

We are excited to attend the live demo of ServiceNow SPM and gain firsthand insight into the latest innovations. Expect a deep dive into optimized resource management processes.


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