Step by step to an agile project management organisation with ServiceNow SPM

In today's business landscape, agility is essential for every company. However, the transformation towards agile business management and agile project management can often present significant challenges in practice.

In this blog post, we will provide you with valuable insights on:

  • Step-by-step methods for introducing agile project management into your organization.
  • Key features of ServiceNow SPM that effectively support the agilization of your project management organization.
  • The numerous benefits that agile frameworks can bring to enhance your business performance.

So, how does agile project management differ from the traditional waterfall model?

Agile project management stands out from traditional approaches primarily in terms of:

  • The ratio between planning efforts and implementation efforts delivered.
  • The content, intensity, and quality of communication.
  • The utilization of work tools and their ability to quickly redefine and process work packages, even within complex project framework conditions.

The primary goal of agilization is to reduce time-to-market for products and services, enabling you to adapt swiftly and continuously to changing customer requirements and market dynamics. Agile project management also addresses the need for operational transparency, enabling effective business management and strategic goal control.

Hybrid project management with ServiceNow SPM

While rigid annual plans have become outdated, even quarterly plans often struggle to cope with the ever-changing dynamics of today's business environment. Although the transition to new, agile ways of working is still ongoing in many organizations, a hybrid model that combines classic and agile project management methods could be a more suitable approach for long-term success in navigating the complexities of the business world.

Over the past few years, ServiceNow SPM has dedicated significant effort to integrating the Scrum framework into its existing project management processes. This integration aims to empower customers to seamlessly adopt new ways of working or smoothly transition into agile methodologies. With a comprehensive set of intelligent features and an intuitive user interface, ServiceNow SPM enables companies to actively elevate their agility levels within their ongoing project operations.

Furthermore, ServiceNow SPM goes beyond basic agile project management processes by also incorporating the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). This comprehensive framework allows organizations to effectively manage complex team dynamics and cross-departmental processes while ensuring compliance with established methods. By embracing ServiceNow SPM, companies gain the capability to streamline and govern their projects in a manner that aligns with agile principles and supports successful outcomes.

3 Key Features for an Agile Project Management Organization

To successfully agilize your project management organization using ServiceNow SPM, the following features are essential:

  1. Sprint Planning:

In agile project management, a significant shift occurs in planning shorter time intervals called sprints. However, the content of work packages, known as stories, can be described in greater detail. With the Feature Project Workbench in ServiceNow SPM, you gain a central overview of your ongoing projects. This tool combines a linear view, resembling the waterfall model for longer project phases, with flexible and granular sprint planning.

  1. Team Collaboration:

ServiceNow SPM integrates well-established collaboration tools such as MS Teams, Slack, and Zoom. These integrations enable seamless documentation of project communications, ensuring that relevant chat histories can be effortlessly linked to project tasks. This integration facilitates diverse, parallel, and interconnected coordination, allowing you to track project communication at any given time.

  1. Backlog Management:

ServiceNow SPM provides comprehensive backlog management based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), offering a plethora of features for agile practitioners. You can track tasks, problems, and change requests with varying priorities on intuitive dashboards. The system allows you to filter information for different views, such as by role or project phase, enabling efficient management of backlog items.

Your quick start to agile project management

Embarking on agile project management is simpler than you might imagine when equipped with the appropriate tools, adopting the right mindset, and receiving practical implementation support. Our comprehensive approach ensures a seamless transition to increased business agility, encompassing technical implementation and effective utilization in day-to-day project operations. Experience a quick start to agile project management as we guide you every step of the way towards achieving your organizational goals.


Witness agile business planning best practices in action! Our consultants are ready to guide you through the relevant PPM features and help brainstorm the development steps for your planning processes. Book a free initial meeting and download our Checklist to creat more agility in your project management organisation. 




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