Clarity Modern UX Deployer

Currently, Broadcom is not providing any tool that is able to connect to a Clarity instance and read, write and move configurations settings. Therefore, some configurations, e.g. Clarity’s new user interface elements, can only be managed and transferred with this new application programming interface. And the best part: the MUX deployer handles everything automatically.

With the MUX deployer you can:

Transfer blueprint settings

Transfer blueprint settings

  • Layout: Sections & fields on properties & template page
  • Modules, channels & visualizations on card view
Transfer blueprint settings

Transfer view of any object

  • Grid view settings
  • Board view settings
  • Timeline view settings
  • Fly-out blueprint settings
  • Custom Picklist

The 3C MUX deployer makes transferring clarity’s modern UX configurations from one instance to another easier than ever before

Easy usage

Simply read all the available configuration items on an environment, select the required one, select the target environment and the item can then be deployed on it

Automated process

Due to the difficulty of manually reading & writing the actual configuration the MUX deployer makes sure that every subcomponent is deployed in the right order

Higher quality

Doing complicated deployment tasks automatically saves the customer time and money & provides the security of everything being transferred and deployed properly

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If you want to professionalize your Clarity infrastructure and make sure, that you never again miss any important configuration to be moved over from Dev to Test to Prod, you need 3C to help you in getting all the details together!

If you have any further questions regarding Configuration Control for Clarity or would like to have a free trial, please contact us.

Software License and Services Terms and Conditions

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