Capture SmartStart

Kick-start Your Strategic Portfolio Management Journey in 4 Weeks

At Capture, we offer maturity-driven services through our Growth Model to serve all organizations driving their businesses on the road to digitalization.

  • If you are at the beginning of your Strategic Portfolio Management journey, we can kick off with our packaged Capture SmartStart solution.
  • But if you are way ahead on the road, we can jump directly into the deepest water, enabling enterprise agility, hybrid methodologies, and full-scale strategic planning and execution.

We introduce our exclusive Capture SmartStart package, a comprehensive and swift solution for companies who want to embark on their Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) journey within 4 weeks.

What is ServiceNow SPM?

  • ServiceNow SPM helps you to deliver business outcomes with confidence by consolidating all your work and aligning it on a single cloud platform.
  • It connects strategy to execution to provide 360º of visibility so you can speed value across the organization.
  • ServiceNow SPM handles the entire portfolio lifecycle, from initial ideation to final delivery. It supports the hybrid world: it enables enterprise agility and utilizes the advantages of waterfall simultaneously.

What is Capture SmartStart?

Capture SmartStart is a comprehensive service package designed to streamline the initial phase of adopting ServiceNow SPM. It serves as a guide on successfully implementing and operating SPM functionalities on the ServiceNow platform.

This is achieved by:

  • Providing an intuitive, user-friendly platform.
  • Simplifying complex processes, functions, and roles with predefined elements.
  • Ensuring successful adoption by training programs.
  • Ensuring implementation in 4 weeks.
  • Describing business roles and responsibilities for seamless adaptation through a playbook.

With Capture SmartStart, businesses can confidently embark on their tooling journey, knowing they have the proper support and resources needed for a successful implementation, saving valuable time and resources. 

Watch our 1-minute video to get to know Capture SmartStart:

Why did we develop Capture SmartStart?

To bring harmony and the exact alignment between business stakeholders and the implementation team during initial planning, execution, and go-live.

Based on our experience, we have seen that companies of all sizes end up, in many cases, upset and disappointed in their recently introduced SPM solution.

The most common pain points are the following:

  • The tool does not provide the data granularity and information that the stakeholders expected.
  • The different processes within the tool are over-complicated.
  • The full-fledged tool requires a long learning curve from the actual users; it could be more intuitive.

We have carefully looked at these symptoms and identified 3 root causes, which we discuss in detail in the attached whitepaper:

  • 1. Assumption of the business stakeholders and the delivery team.
  • 2. Operations built on over-complicated or non-existing processes.
  • 3. New interface, but the same pain points.

Capture SmartStart_Overview_Whitepaper_EN.pdf
648.27 KB

The following screenshot provides a real-life example of an overcomplicated user interface where all requirements and preferences have been implemented:

Would you like to see how Capture SmartStart resolves this issue and where can our solution lead your organization?

Download our whitepaper to explore the details and stay tuned for our next episode of 101 series on Basic Demand Management, which will provide a detailed description of its look, functionalities, and value provided.




Capture SmartStart_Overview_Whitepaper_EN.pdf
648.27 KB

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