Quick Guide: PMO Software for Successful Project Organizations

This Capture Quick Guide helps PMO managers and project leaders evaluate the appropriate PMO software. Read:

  • What makes PMOs different in terms of effectiveness.
  • What the expectations and goals are for software implementation
  • What makes a modern PMO solution
  • How to move from a meaningful shortlist to rapid implementation

The performance levels of a PMO

Various PMO studies have made it clear that professional project management (PM) is largely well established in SMEs and corporate groups. However, project management organizations differ enormously in their effectiveness: Only 6% of the companies surveyed are among the top performers. 30% are still classified as high performers. Yet 64% of the PMOs surveyed are unable to convert the benefits of practiced project management methods into any significant added value for the company as a whole. Internal acceptance problems of the PMOs are the result.

Holistic project management instead of pure project administration

The performance of project management offices is influenced by a number of factors and is strongly related to the overall corporate culture. However, what distinguishes leading PMOs from other project management organizations without exception is a long-since successful shift from pure project administration to a strategic and innovation-driven corporate unit. 

Modern PMO software replaces Excel sheets

In order to analyze and manage ongoing projects in a holistic manner and to take the right measures, meaningful data is required. This data can only be meaningfully collected and flexibly processed with modern PMO software. The use of software is therefore a decisive factor in determining the potential impact of PMOs on the organization as a whole.

High-performing PMOs now shape their area of responsibility almost entirely using digital tools. Project offices that need to catch up must do so quickly, especially when it comes to software use. Because if Excel sheets remain the central working tool, the successful transformation to a value-driven project management organization cannot succeed.

5 steps to the right PMO software

One thing is certain, the implementation of a PMO software is an important milestone for the entire company. The Capture Consulting team has therefore summarized five key lessons learned to help you pre-select the right solution. 

1. Consider maturity level of project management offices 

When evaluating a new PMO software, first consider the maturity level and organizational design of your own Project Management Office. It is important to optimize existing processes, but also to create the basis for a long-term further development of the PMO work. At the same time, defining the software's "must", "should" and "can" criteria sharpens the internal understanding of what the Project Management Office should actually do for the organization as a whole.

2. Involve stakeholders at an early stage

Involve diverse stakeholders when gathering PMO software requirements. PMOs that have already developed the profile of a Project Management Center of Excellence are characterized by a variety of users with different needs. It is important to identify these at an early stage.

3. Test flexible standard software for own requirements

PMOs are as different as the corporate cultures in which they are embedded. This can lead to the assumption that there is no suitable software solution out-of-the-box. But the days of in-house developments are over. Check in good time how much effort it takes to actually adapt the software modules to your individual requirements. PMO software with preconfigured, industry-specific processes enables a short implementation period. 

4. Check degree of innovation of PMO software

The degree of innovation of software providers is decisive for the sustainable success of your project management organization. Pay attention to which new features are released. Almost more important is a close look at the investments in user experience. After all, even after decades of modern software development, the greatest challenge remains the promotion of user acceptance.

5. Ensure data consistency for agile roll-out

Which PMO software enables rapid onboarding? Unless you are starting your PMO from scratch, data migration should be a key issue in software selection. Available migration tools and a proven migration methodology are good indicators for a smooth software implementation based on error-free data.


Capture SmartStart: The fastest way to become a top PMO performer

From vendor evaluation to go-live can take up to a year in many cases. Accelerate PMO software implementation with the Capture SmartStart program. Our experienced PMO experts will guide you along the entire transformation phase - both in terms of content and technology. Your organization will start reaping the benefits of modern project management processes within just a few weeks. 


Our consultants are happy to work with you to identify your PMO requirements.

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