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ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM): central platform to strategize, align, and deliver business outcomes.

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ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), previously known as IT Business Management (ITBM), helps you create more value from your initiatives. When you plan, prioritize, and pursue those projects that are aligned with business goals, you deliver business agility.

As a result, you achieve better business results.

  • Alignment of strategy and work
  • Plan, deliver and track value across different methodologies
  • Gain insight into your project and application portfolios.
  • Improve the management of your demands, resources, and budgets.
  • Empower teams to drive business outcomes
  • Gain financial insight into the cost-of-service delivery.
  • Close the gap between strategy and delivery
  • Decide where to invest your money to best support business objectives.

Putting strategy on the road

Work follows strategy: SPM provides all the frameworks it takes to deliver products and services in a way that supports the strategic direction of the business. Strategic Portfolio Management is the perfect companion on the road to digital transformation: lean execution methods help you deliver new products and services across the enterprise.

Replacing data silos and spreadsheets

With growth and time, data silos often creep up in many companies, communication is done through multiple channels, and spreadsheets are used in daily work. All of this competes with structured workflows and transparency. SPM enables companies to map all work and helps to replace spreadsheets and break down information silos.

ServiceNow SPM – acting strategically in the right way

Companies that select and align projects with business goals to deliver products and services that support their strategic priorities have a clear competitive advantage. Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) empowers IT to demonstrate value to the business and rationalize investments to focus more on innovation. SPM also helps transform the delivery of new products and services through lean execution methods.

Strategic Portfolio Management helps you deliver what the business needs when they need it.


Furthermore, ServiceNow SPM makes it easy to anticipate critical business needs, allocate resources and assess the value of your portfolio. It also enables you to prioritize new requirements and deliver products efficiently. Evaluate related investments at the highest level and adjust them on an ongoing basis. Manage strategic and operational work in one place and reduce bottlenecks to get to market faster. ServiceNow SPM helps you align your IT investments and work with business goals to achieve better results and respond faster to change.

Strategic Portfolio Management gives your business the platform it needs:

  • Create clearly defined, continuously adaptable plans.
  • Visualize strategies and goals
  • See if the business trend is right and if goals are being achieved
  • Make data-based decisions
  • Identify need for action early and initiate necessary changes
  • Easily identify and prioritize work
  • Align teams
  • Support agile, traditional, or hybrid methodologies so teams can work effectively
  • Increase efficiency with strategic alignment

Capabilities that scale with your business

ServiceNow SPM is a sub-area of the IT workflows of the globally established ServiceNow platform. Strategic Portfolio Management focuses on Application Portfolio Management (APM), Financial Management, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), and Agile Delivery Execution. 

Overview IT Workflows

Companies benefit from the following advantages when using Strategic Portfolio Management:


View comprehensive information related to projects in a program

View key information that is relevant to the selected projects in a program.


Integrate risk, issue, decision, action, and request changes with RIDAC

Analyze the impact of the risks and associate existing RIDAC records for your demands and projects.


Create projects in multicurrency

Create a project with a flexibility of executing its sub-projects at a different geographical location in a local currency.


Simplified funding workflow

Enhanced and simplified process for top-down and bottom-up funding makes it easier for you to request and allocate fund to investments.


Track the lifecycle of hardware on the TPM timeline

Monitor the lifecycle of hardware models on which your business applications run.


Smart even load for resource allocation

The smart even load allocation spread takes the availability of resources into account while allocating and only applies hours evenly where possible.

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Download infographic about ServiceNow SPM:

ServiceNow San Diego_Release Notes.pdf
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Create more value from your initiatives and enable faster change across the organization. Plan, prioritize and track work that is aligned to business goals.

Achieve business agility for better business results.

  • Manage results to create value

Get an overview of portfolio investments and business strategies to achieve better results. Track progress in real-time to see exactly how funds are being spent and the value of the work being done.

  • Adjust planning to uncertainties

Link your investment plan to your work plan for greater agility. Get an overview of project outcomes, evaluate related investments at the highest level, and adapt to make adjustments on an ongoing basis.

  • Scale the work to deliver faster

Manage strategic and operational work in one place and reduce bottlenecks to get to market faster. Increase agility by optimizing and reallocating resources as priorities shift.

Features that scale with your business

Strategic Portfolio Management combines project portfolio management and agile functions into scalable packages that can grow with you as your needs change.

Overview Strategic Portfolio Management

Profit from the following features for your business success:

  • Performance Analytics (PPM)
  • Demand Management (PPM)
  • Resource Management (PPM)
  • Innovation Management (PPM)
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Scenario Planning (PPM)
  • Roadmap Planning (Hybrid Management)
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), (Agile Management)
  • Agile Development (Agile Management)
  • Application Portfolio Management (Application Management)

Standard packages of ServiceNow

Standard (8)   Professional (10)   Licensed Separately (1)
Project Portfolio Management Project Portfolio Management Application Portfolio Management
Innovation Management Innovation Management
Demand Management Demand Management  
Resource Management Resource Management  
Roadmap Planning Roadmap Planning  
Scenario Planning Scenario Planning  
Mobile Applications Mobile Applications  
Performance Analytics Performance Analytics  
  Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)  
  Agile Development  


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ServiceNow PPM as part of the Strategic Portfolio Management Suite

ServiceNow's Project Portfolio Management is part of the Strategic Portfolio Management Suite. Project teams overcome today's challenges by using ServiceNow - a cloud productivity platform for project teams that leads to working faster and smarter across planned and unplanned tasks.

ServiceNow PPM is a comprehensive solution that includes project portfolio, resource, demand, and agile development applications.

Project Portfolio Management by ServiceNow

ServiceNow PPM gives you full visibility from idea to execution. Prioritizing and planning projects is easy. Track planned and unplanned work in one place. Improve productivity and service delivery with agile management, testing, and collaboration tools.

Get visibility into all work - traditional, agile, and hybrid. Balance capacity and demand and optimize your portfolios to deliver business value.

ServiceNow PPM offers you some exciting benefits and advantages:

  • Basis for holistic planning, optimization & coordination of all project-related activities.
  • Basis for efficient & effective use of scarce resources (human and financial)
  • Enabling early detection of changes as well as risks in the entire project and program life cycle

Features of ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management


Roadmap planning:

Master top-down planning to align your teams and investments with business goals.


Investment funding:

Create a top-down funding allocation from strategic goals, portfolios, and business services.


Innovation management:

Encourage your teams to collaborate, develop concepts and turn ideas into requirements.


Scenario planning:

Compare multiple investment scenarios using what-if analysis to align investments with your business strategy.

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And a punch full of other additional features to improve your business:

  • Project workspace
  • Demand management
  • Project portfolio
  • Resource management
  • Portfolio workbench
  • Performance analytics and dashboards
  • Mobile solutions
  • Agile development

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Boost your existing ServiceNow solutions with our Capture value add-ons:

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Learn more about the following features of ServiceNow SPM:

  • Application Portfolio Management
    ServiceNow’s Application Portfolio Management starts by building a comprehensive inventory of the business applications in use. This inventory goes beyond a technical description that comes from discovery, and it includes details, such as which functional modules are in use, the significance of an application to the organization, etc.
  • Financial Management
  • Agile Management 
    ServiceNow Agile Development helps you manage product and software development efforts that use agile methods. It pulls your software development lifecycle workflows together in one system and connects them to other activities already taking place in ServiceNow.


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