Resource management software to optimise organisational resources.

Resource management is the acquisition, allocation, and management of the resources needed for a project, such as people and their skills, finance, technology, materials, machinery, and natural resources.

Resource management software ensures that internal and external resources are used effectively, on time, and on budget. Resources can be obtained internally from the host organization or procured from external sources.

The APM Body of Knowledge defines resource management as "the procurement and deployment of the internal and external resources required to deliver the project, program or portfolio".      

As part of the planning process, the project professional must identify the resources needed to complete the work and determine when the resources are needed through scheduling. This is an essential part of the project management plan.

Resource Management Software and the Three-Step Process

The best way to manage resources effectively is to follow the three-step process:

  • Allocation
  • Aggregation
  • Scheduling

What are the benefits of resource management and software use?

The goal of any organization is to achieve its objectives with the least possible effort. "Resource planning in project management", or simply "resource management", helps companies achieve this goal. If you know what resources are needed for current and future projects, you can plan more effectively.

The advantages of using resource management software are obvious:

  • Brings stability
  • Measures efficiency
  • Creates transparency
  • Provides a safety net
  • Prevents burn-out

We have summarised the most important information for a successful start in resource management in a white paper for you.

Whitepaper_20220211_EN_Resource utilization - Pain or Gain.pdf
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Whitepaper_20220211_EN_Resource utilization - Pain or Gain.pdf
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