Capture WBS Editor

Visualize and edit your projects in a Work Breakdown Structure - an add-on for ServiceNow SPM

Creating a work breakdown structure involves identifying and describing each task in a project. To have better visibility, make it more usable and be able to edit project tasks interactively in a PMI standard work breakdown structure Capture created the Capture WBS Editor for ServiceNow SPM. This will help you, especially in larger projects with a lot of different tasks and phases, to keep track of the progress and dependencies, where the classical Gantt-chart might reach its limits.

Capture WBS Editor enables you
to visualize & edit project tasks in ServiceNow SPM in a PMI standard
Work Breakdown Structure

Our Solution:

  • Facilitates better planning, resource allocation, and understanding of the project scope and objectives by breaking down the project into smaller elements.
  • Provides better visibility and the capability to edit project tasks interactively.
  • Helps you keep track of the progress and dependencies, especially in larger projects with a lot of different tasks and phases.

Capture_WBS Editor_whitepaper.pdf
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You can enjoy the benefits of our add-on by purchasing it directly from the ServiceNow Store for a monthly cost of $500.

Watch our 1-minute-long video to have a better understanding of the capabilities of the Capture WBS Editor.



Capture_WBS Editor_whitepaper.pdf
192.96 KB

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