Erste Bank Hungary PPM Implementation Case Study

Erste Bank establishes “Single Point of Truth”

Company info

Erste Bank Hungary is covering the entire spectrum of financial services. In terms of the number of clients as well as the size of the branch and ATM network, Erste Bank Hungary is one of the Top 3 banks in the Hungarian banking market.

In 1997, Erste Bank Hungary became a member of Erste Group, which was founded 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank. Since then, Erste Group has developed into one of the largest financial services providers in the Eastern part of the EU.


After the lean process design of the overall IT delivery processes from demand management to deployment, Erste Bank Hungary still had issues of providing a transparent "Single Point of Truth” for all the demands to be delivered. The bank has up to hundred concurrently running projects and few hundred further demands. Yet it lacks a common tool for tracking these, that caused excessive coordination work on both IT and business sides.


The implementation of CA PPM for the areas of demand and workflow management made traceability of the individual demands more effective. The integration of Clarity PPM with a custom-built configuration management system of the bank provides integrated end-to-end management of demands from ideation to deployment. The integration with the document management system provides a comprehensive view on documentation by demand.


While decreasing the coordination efforts needed EBH was able to increase IT delivery throughput by 20% per year for 2 consecutive years.

A “Single Point of Truth” for all the demands was created, that led to decreasing coordination effects and increasing the IT delivery through-put by 20% for the next two years.

Today, Clarity PPM is used as a centre point for managing demands and for reporting on portfolios of the business units.

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