The ServiceNow SPM Integration Guide

Are you striving towards digital transformation for your enterprise? Integrating ServiceNow SPM with third-party systems can be a critical success factor. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to ServiceNow SPM integration. This article covers the following areas:

  • Different types of integration available
  • The advantages of integrating ServiceNow SPM with CRM, ERP and HCM solutions
  • Strategies to reduce integration costs

PPM should not remain isolated

The maturity of your PMO depends on the degree of automation of cross-departmental processes, including the integration of your PPM solution with third-party systems. A ServiceNow SPM integration with other systems can bring more efficiency, transparency, and synergy between your project portfolio management and specialist departments. Although ServiceNow SPM offers a holistic solution for project portfolio management, certain data must still be entered into other systems regularly. Without appropriate integration, data from other systems cannot be collected due to high workloads. To make your PMO a strategic and operational powerhouse, set up smart interface management in the medium to long term.

Three types of PPM integrations

ServiceNow's Integration Hub allows for over 175 cross-departmental workflows without any programming effort. The following types of integrations are distinguished:

  • Process integrations: Enable data exchange between disparate systems to automate recurring work steps.
  • Data integrations: Enable dynamic data manipulation from disparate data sources for better operational and strategic decision-making.
  • UI integrations: Enable external data to be displayed within the ServiceNow solution.

Practical tip: Customize integrations with the right implementation partner

Preconfigured workflow integrations save time and money while ensuring robust automation processes in the long term. If you need individual integration services, choose a certified ServiceNow SPM implementation partner with experience in self-developed, standardized add-ons.

PPM in interaction with ERP, HCM, and CRM

Integrating PPM with third-party systems like ERP, HCM, and CRM in the following key areas is beneficial:

  • Cost Management
  • Human resources management
  • Supplier management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To ensure consistent master data management, core systems such as PPM, ERP, HCM, and CRM are used to manage defined data centrally. However, since these systems are relevant in different contexts, integrating them is necessary for maintaining a consistent data landscape.

Practical tip: Agility booster through ServiceNow SPM integrations

In today's hybrid work models and with the demand for agile corporate cultures, the importance of PPM integrations with collaborative tools and document management systems is increasing.

The benefits of PPM and ERP integration

The integration of PPM and ERP offers operational benefits to the PMO and the controlling department of a company. While project managers are responsible for the cost management of their projects, their project structures and tools are primarily driven by content and organization. For controllers, certain planned and actual values are relevant, but the manual preparation of this data is time-consuming and error-prone for project managers. By integrating PPM and ERP, project managers and controllers can work in their digital environment while being confident that necessary data and information exchange will take place in a timely manner without inconsistencies.

The benefits of PPM and CRM integration

The integration of PPM and CRM strengthens customer focus by breaking down information silos between ongoing project work and sustainable customer relationship management in sales and customer service. PPM can provide valuable data for a 360-degree customer view.

The benefits of PPM and HCM integration

PPM and HCM integration is also beneficial for resource planning and systematic HR controlling. While ServiceNow SPM offers integrated time and attendance systems, many organizations use other solutions. Personnel costs are primarily managed in HCM solutions, making them important for accurate project cost calculations. Personnel requirements planning is also an important interface between the PMO and the HR department. By integrating PPM and HCM, both departments can benefit from better resource planning and systematic HR controlling.

Are you planning to integrate your PPM solution with other systems? Download our checklist of essential steps for a successful ServiceNow SPM integration!


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