Effective PPM reporting with ServiceNow SPM

PPM reports are the basis of successful meetings. ServiceNow SPM provides you with a powerful reporting cockpit that makes your project portfolio management even more efficient on various levels.

Read in this blog post:

  • What are the most important requirements for effective PPM reports
  • Which reporting features support you in your work with ServiceNow SPM
  • How you can recognise the successful use of PPM reports in your organisation

Success factor no. 1: PPM reports out-of-the-box

A modern project organisation is no longer conceivable without PPM reporting. The challenges for effective PPM reporting are still significant in many companies and have not been solved satisfactorily. This is due to the fact that PPM solutions are usually not available, and if they are, they are inadequate. When data reports have to be designed from scratch and data has to be collected and processed effortfully, and changes to report structures become a sub-project, there is no more talk of corporate agility.

For companies to benefit integrally from PPM reports, they need:

  • PPM solutions with built-in business intelligence functionalities
  • Templates so that individual reports can be created with just a few clicks
  • Easy-to-use reporting features with which business users can also work independently and ideally without any training effort.

With ServiceNow SPM you get exactly that: an integrated reporting cockpit for your operative and strategic project data. It could be a timesheet reports of your project staff, a report on clearly overdue project tasks, a resource overview of your entire project portfolio, prepared financial key figures for your projects or a visualisation of all your projects along the project life cycle: With ServiceNow SPM you will find preconfigured reports and dashboards for almost all possible use cases.

Success factor no.2 : The combination of performance analytics and reporting

ServiceNow SPM goes a very important step beyond pure PPM reporting: By combining performance analytics and reporting functionalities, an even better data-based control of your project management organisation becomes possible. While reports alone "only" represent an inventory at a certain point in time, relevant developments can be tracked in real time with performance analytics. The KPI Signals feature also informs you if key figures develop atypically. By adjusting measures on an ongoing basis, you can initiate targeted improvements until the next report.

Success factor no.3 : Smart workflows for data-based project management

ServiceNow SPM stands for closing the gap between strategic planning and operational implementation. Therefore, the Analytics & Reporting features are also closely interlinked with other ServiceNow SPM modules. Discovery reports, for example, reveal automation potential in the company's project portfolio. And processes can also be analysed, optimised with recommendations for action from the system and benchmarked with KPIs. The boundaries between strategic and operational reporting as well as between projects and departments can be removed or continuously realigned as needed.

The features of effective PPM reporting

This shows you that your PPM reports add real value to the company:

  • PPM reports are a fixed component of operational and strategic meetings.
  • PPM reports facilitate a data-based, stringent dialogue culture in meetings
  • PPM reports are continuously adapted and detailed reports can be consulted at any time if required.
  • PPM reports are not only a working tool for managers or at team and company level, but also have a demonstrable influence on individual employee performance.



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