With Rally software, you give your company the agility it needs and increase quality and efficiency

Power your organization with enterprise agility and boost quality and efficiency.

It’s a fact. Putting Agile at the center of your business will help you respond to change quickly and confidently, and provide the value your customers want. To compete and win in a fast-paced, competitive, evolving global marketplace, your organization needs to plan faster!

Rally is an enterprise-class platform and market-leading provider that's purpose-built for scaling agile development. Rally Software helps you plan, track, and measure your work—across teams of teams, with real-time visibility, and connected to the company’s most important initiatives. Measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness with performance evaluations in real time.

Rally Software has been specifically created to increase agile development practices. Deliver more customer value faster by synchronizing work to business priorities, coordinating teams, providing visibility, and delivering on a predictable cadence

Connect strategy to delivery

In order to make faster and smarter decisions, your development work needs to align to your company's most important business objectives. Your execution and delivery must align to your business strategies at all times. Agile software like Rally Software supports you to align enterprise portfolio and the work of agile teams, track and manage delivery, and leverage data to steer your business towards an outcomes-oriented culture.

Plan and prioritize for a quickly value-delivery.

With Project and Portfolio Management, you can have deep visibility into the work that your teams are doing and how it ties to your business strategy and customer value. Your people can be aligned with each other, their work and with strategic objectives. As a result, you’re able to build the right products, in the right way at exactly the right time to guarantee long-lasting customer value and a successful modern business.

Match delivery to company and customer expectations.

Rally Software provides visibility into how your teams are meeting business objectives. With Release Tracking and Metrics, you get a comprehensive roll-up of progress, dependencies, alignment and plan health—so teams and groups can maintain schedules, make intentional decisions and understand change.

Empower your agile teams.

The Rally Software Team Board gives your delivery teams and portfolio leaders a shared view to better plan, prioritize and track their work. Streamline collaboration and minimize task switching and communication breakdowns with threaded chat and a team inbox that aggregates email, feeds, and tool notifications all in one place. Leadership can track initiative progress by team, work, time, and funding. Features like capacity planning, team planning, and release tracking bring the right work to the right teams at the right time. Team board, personalized navigation, and quick detail enable your teams to access the right level and complexity of work to deliver the most important features to your customers. This helps teams work more closely with each other (and other teams) to improve quality and speed delivery, no matter their methodology.

Enable continuous improvement.

Benefit from the only platform that empowers you to measure productivity, predictability, quality, and responsiveness. Get the data to benchmark team performance and continuously improve it according to your top KPIs. Real-time performance metrics let you measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness. And you can quickly adjust to continuously meet changing business goals.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver customer value to market faster 
    Plan frequently, ship quickly and respond confidently to market changes.
  • Align work to business goals
    Focus your teams on what matters most by reliably connecting work to business strategy.
  • Empower teams to work efficiently
    Allow users to easily initiate, manage and share their work.

Key Features

  • Real-time status tracking
    Track initiatives across all teams.
  • Iteration and release planning
    Plan to deliver on the highest-value business initiatives.
  • Customizable dashboards 
    View the information you need most—in Scrum, Kanban, or custom views.
  • Capacity planning
    Align business needs to team capacity to deliver customer value.
  • Risk management
    Surface blocks, defects, dependencies, and milestones to take prompt action.
  • Scalable platform
    Our secure, stable and extensible platform scales and integrates with popular apps and tools.
  • Reporting and metrics
    See team burndown and velocity; measure productivity, responsiveness, and quality.
  • Simple for teams
    Empower teams with a faster, simpler way to begin, track, and navigate work without needing administrative support.

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