How AI Will Revolutionize PPM

Artificial intelligence has arrived in practice and will continue to significantly change the way businesses operate. It is already foreseeable how AI-powered PPM software will positively address long-standing challenges in enterprise software usage aligned with business goals.

In this blog post, we will explore:

  • How artificial intelligence simplifies, transforms, and intensifies PPM usage.
  • How AI expands the potential user groups of PPM software.
  • How AI-powered PPM enhances your business intelligence.

Trend 1: AI will highly automate operational PPM processes

Creating project plans, populating, or adjusting them with data: Smart AI tools will significantly reduce manual efforts and provide users with more room for value-added activities such as data analysis and creative decision-making. ChatGPT and generative AI have demonstrated how voice commands can be applied to multimedia content and a variety of data. Similar developments can be expected in future PPM systems.

Trend 2: AI will agilely reshape process design

With increased integration of artificial intelligence, PPM processes as we know them today will undergo significant changes. AI will promptly identify inefficiencies, make project progress deviations visible in comparison to the company's standards, and contribute to new organizational forms in both cross-departmental project management and strategic project portfolio management. Leading PPM solutions will become even more flexible to accommodate agile process changes for individual business needs, reducing the need for customization efforts as greater and more advanced functionality can be provided out-of-the-box through AI-driven software development.

Trend 3: AI will be configurable by business users through No-Code

AI's true potential will be realized when business users can independently modify algorithms to train their virtual assistants according to their needs. The ability to easily develop and utilize custom solutions alongside central tools will significantly boost employee productivity and company value.

Trend 4: AI will enable intuitive onboarding and user updates

A common stumbling block in the advancement of PPM systems is the difficulty of introducing new users to correct usage and the resulting reluctance to implement changes to existing systems. AI will greatly simplify onboarding, automatically generating learning materials with minimal effort. Virtual assistants can assist with questions and even perform some actions themselves.

Trend 5: AI will strengthen the strategic use of PPM data.

Data maintenance is still largely a manual task today, requiring careful consideration of which data should be mandatory. Artificial intelligence will automate data capture, leading to an increase in data diversity. Analytical tools for this purpose will be available in PPM. It is crucial for users to develop an analytical mindset to fully leverage AI's potential at a procedural and content level.

From digital transformation to digital excellence

In our consulting work and various implementation projects, we encounter companies at different stages of their digital transformation. Therefore, we understand the disparities between future visions and practical realities. At the same time, we observe with great fascination how rapidly technological progress has developed recently, and we expect that new foundational technologies will also accelerate corporate digitization. We are here to support you on this journey!




You can download our checklist now to experience more about using artificial intelligence in PPM solutions in the "Downloadables" section at the bottom of the page.


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