Introducing 3C - Cobalt (V2.6.0): A new version for the 3C Release Manager and Analytics

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of 3C - Cobalt (V2.6.0), the latest version of our cutting-edge Release Manager and Analytics tool, coming in 2023 August. This update brings a host of exciting features designed to enhance control over Clarity configuration, streamline integration with GIT repositories, provide support for modern UX elements, and improve overall user experience.

More Control over Clarity Configuration

One of the key highlights of the new version is that now you can keep track of the configuration changes, on an individual object level. By regularly creating snapshots of your system, you can explore detailed change lists, pinpointing when specific objects were modified and exactly what modifications were made.

GIT Integration Made Effortless

Setting up a GIT repository for your environments becomes effortless with a few simple steps. Once the connection is established, every change made to the configuration scripts during snapshots will be automatically committed and pushed to your repository. This integration allows you to manage different branches for various environments, ensuring that your current configuration is archived in a code repository alongside your source code.

Support for New Modern UX Elements

Recognizing the challenges faced by Clarity users during the implementation of the new Clarity UX, we have dedicated our efforts to provide comprehensive support for modern UX elements. Building upon the foundations laid in version 2.5, 3C - Cobalt (V2.6.0) introduces further compatibility with modern UX elements. The expanded support includes Canvases, Modules, Menu Links, Blueprint Rules, Widgets, and Attributes. By equipping 3C with these features, we aim to make the tool even more indispensable during Modern UX migration projects, empowering you to embrace the future of user interface design seamlessly.

Enhanced User Experience

Alongside these compelling business features, 3C – Cobalt (V2.6.0) places great emphasis on delivering an exceptional user-friendly experience for all. The new version also introduces an optimized database storage usage in the background. Additionally, a range of tweaks and improvements have been implemented under the hood, fine-tuning performance and responsiveness.

3C - Cobalt (V2.6.0) represents a significant step forward in the development of 3C Release Manager and 3C Analytics by empowering users with greater control and visibility over Clarity configuration, seamless GIT integration for collaborative development, extended support for modern UX elements, and a host of ease-of-use features. By continuously improving and refining our product, we strive to enhance your productivity, efficiency, and overall user experience.

Embrace the power of 3C – Cobalt (V2.6.0) and unlock new possibilities for your Clarity environment. Try out now by requesting a 3C demo!

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