3C Release Manager

Support your development team, organize your releases, get total control of your Clarity deployments

In the modern, agile world, every team needs modern tools to fulfil the fast-changing business requirements. 3C Release Manager is specifically designed to help developers, product owners, lead developers, and introduce an easy, release based deployment tool into the Clarity lifecycle.


Full development lifecycle

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Find all your changes

With the built in tools, you can find changes between instances, or snapshots within the same systems.

  • To collect every small configuration difference between the production and development instance
  • To track changes during the development lifecycle
  • To find out what went wrong after the last change
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Organize your releases

Create deployment packages, and move them between instances

  • To be sure what is needed in your next release
  • To track the status of each and every change
  • To make your development process auditable and well documented
Transfer blueprint settings

Automate your deployment

Deploy your tested release on any instance easily, in an automated and audited way with one click

  • Select your predefined deployment package
  • Install it to the selected system
  • Verify your changes


Find and track changes

  • Between different environments
  • During the development phase
  • After the installations
  • During version or maintenance changes
  • For audit or documentation purposes
  • To make bug tracking easier

Speed up your deployments

  • With automated installations
  • With full documentation of changes
  • With the ability to customize your deployment plan
  • By eliminating the manual work from your process
  • And make DevOps processes a reality for Clarity

Configuration Control for Clarity

Even if your Clarity partner does the heavy lifting, the 3C product family is available for other purposes as well

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“3C Release Manager enables us to deliver high quality deployments quickly and ensures compliance with the high regulatory standards for our industry.”  

                      - Manuel Huber, Product Manager, W&W Informatic Group 


If you want to professionalize your Clarity infrastructure and make sure, that you never again miss any important configuration to be moved over from Dev to Test to Prod, you need 3C to help you in getting all the details together!

If you have any further questions regarding Configuration Control for Clarity or would like to have a free trial, please contact us.

Software License and Services Terms and Conditions

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