3C Analytics

Operate your Clarity instances in a professional way - like you do with any of your other solutions.

Managing enterprise solutions is a serious business. You must be able to know exactly what is going on with your software. 3C Analytics can provide you with the toolset to maintain your important configurations, track, and audit changes in your system.


Easy to use configuration management

Backup your configurations anytime

Backup your configurations anytime

  • To get a Snapshot of your current system-wide configuration
  • To create a restore point if you want to revert your changes
  • To retro document the state of your current system
Transfer blueprint settings

Track the changes as they occur

  • Set up a daily backup for your environment Use the Diff analysis to find out what item has been changed and when
  • Speed up bugfixes, reduce system outages by finding the root causes
  • Document all configuration changes in your system in an auditable way
Transfer blueprint settings

Evaluate releases, upgrades, projects

  • Generate an automatic system-wide configuration change documentation
  • Prepare and verify configuration deployments with fully automatic Diff analysis
  • Get insight how the system upgrade affects your essential configuration


  • Documentation
  • Compliance
  • Bug tracking Troubleshooting
  • Configuration backup
  • Change validation
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Tracebility

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The 3C Analytics supports us around different confiurations or views of different environments.” 
- application owner of Clarity, Insurance Company

If you want to professionalize your Clarity infrastructure and make sure, that you never again miss any important configuration to be moved over from Dev to Test to Prod, you need 3C to help you in getting all the details together!

If you have any further questions regarding Configuration Control for Clarity or would like to have a free trial, please contact us.

Software License and Services Terms and Conditions

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