Project portfolio management solutions – professional and efficient without Excel tables

Starting project planning with Excel is often the first step to professionalize project management: overview of currently running projects, sorting by demand possible.  

However, growing complexity of projects and the desire to organize them into portfolios soon leads to a "death by Excel". The more efficient and smarter way works best with a modern solution project portfolio management. 

What can project portfolio management solutions do better? 

Teams that utilize spreadsheets and other tools to track their portfolio can spend hours reconciling data from multiple sources in order to create even basic portfolio reports. Data from spreadsheets and isolated tools are static and often out-of-date by the time the information is reported to senior management. This is why businesses are increasingly turning to modern project portfolio management solutions to overcome these challenges. With the right PPM platform in place, portfolio managers can accelerate timelines across the board thanks to increased visibility and real-time scheduling tools.  

This insight helps reduce costs considerably, giving portfolio managers clarity into spending – as well as which projects are valuable, and which are lesser priorities. project portfolio management solutions also help organizations make better investment decisions. It creates an environment that leads to predictable and repeatable project success. This can be ensured by using best practices, principles, and proven methodologies during the project life cycle by establishing a PMO and using the project portfolio management solution to guide through the process. 

Benefit from the know-how and expertise of our experts. We advise you! 

Get started in project portfolio management with Capture SmartStart solution 

Capture SmartStart is a methodology that allows you to start small and expand step-by-step - freely following the motto "Walk before you run": 

  • Preconfigured project portfolio management solution - you see immediately what you get 
  • Combines generic processes and best practices 
  • Includes workshops, implementation, training and ongoing support 
  • Ready to use in a few weeks 
  • Realization at a fixed price  

Project portfolio management – quick start and a step-by-step solution: SmartStart 

  • Use preconfigured processes and get started immediately 
  • Benefit from our sophisticated support services 
  • Expand your project portfolio management solution step by step  
  • No financial risks - No product risks - No methodological risks


 What the Capture SmartStart solution includes 

  • Guidance through a Capture product portfolio management expert  
  • Assessments 
  • Set up of solution & starter package  
  • Configuration of most important processes (based on assessments)  
  • Key-User & Administration Training  
  • Ongoing Support 

Select additional features to get started 

Depending on the package you choose, the following features are included as options: 

  • Additional training  
  • Additional configurations  
  • Extended support service  
  • Expansion and upgrades 
  • Continuous upgrades 


Jump start your project portfolio management processes with our quick-start solutionexperts, pre-configured processes from best practice, proven implementation methodology and sustainable support services – no matter where you are on your PPM journey. 

Capture's experts are here for you. Inform now!

More information about this topic you can find in our whitepaper (see 'Downloadables').


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