Business Transformation: Enterprise Low-Code with ServiceNow AppEngine

ChatGPT and other generative AI tools have recently accelerated the vision of one-click technical solutions. With low-code and no-code applications, engaging business users and driving digital transformation across departments is already very feasible today.

Read more in this blog post:

  • How to remove IT bottlenecks with the ServiceNow App Engine.
  • Which tools support effective collaboration between business users and developers.
  • How to identify and implement the right use cases for low-code applications.

ServiceNow: The central platform for digital transformation

80% of ServiceNow's customers are Fortune 500 companies that have successfully transitioned from legacy systems to a digital future. Follow this recipe for success. The ServiceNow platform's breadth of capabilities meets the demand for a comprehensive solution for ongoing digital transformation.

For example, the ServiceNow App Engine makes it easy to implement the necessary process automation in the context of enterprise IT, while preventing the emergence of shadow IT. In one survey, 51% of developers said they could do half of their work using low-code platforms. For ServiceNow users, this organisational performance improvement can become a reality.

ServiceNow App Engine: Connect data and processes right out of the box

Thanks to the ServiceNow Integration Hub, all the data available there can be used directly to create new workflows with the ServiceNow App Engine. If none of the thousands of pre-built apps meet your needs, the App Engine Studio provides the infrastructure for business users and developers to collaborate on workflow applications using a set of generic process templates and tools.

Credit: ServiceNow

These tools make Enterprise Low- and No-Code a reality

  • With the Flow Designer, business users can procedurally map their workflows and trigger them by linking them to the appropriate data.
  • The UI Builder automatically gives the workflow the appropriate user interface.
  • You can build your own workflow library from individual workflows that fill process gaps and then link them to more complex process chains.
  • Context-based recommendations help identify and optimise connections between data and processes.
  • Cross-departmental prioritisation and collaborative design of workflow applications can be managed in the App Engine Management Centre.
  • Whether it's security requirements or mobile compatibility, the ServiceNow App Engine covers all the steps of professional app development for you.
  • Detailed, AI-powered tutorials help citizen developers create apps on their own.

Citizen developers bring different skills and experiences to the table. The ServiceNow App Engine considers different personas to ensure the best development outcome. There are also numerous features for IT and developer teams to efficiently review and integrate the results into the organisation's IT.

The power duo of business and IT for your business success

According to analyst firm Forrester, companies using the ServiceNow application have seen a 230% ROI within a year due to faster implementation. By actively involving many stakeholders in the implementation of digital transformation, another positive side effect is achieved: The collaborative and successful creation of new digital processes with the ServiceNow App Engine can counteract resistance to process change.

From Low-Code Strategy to Implementation

As a certified Premier ServiceNow Partner, we are well acquainted with the platform's capabilities and support our clients in maximizing their benefits.

We see significant potential in the ServiceNow App Engine to overcome common stumbling blocks of digital transformation and encourage you to take on your low-code strategy. Start with a cross-functional project group that collects, prioritizes, and implements possible use cases. We are happy to accompany you in your first low-code steps in new, yet unknown work configurations between business users and IT.


You can download our checklist now to experience more about business transformation with ServiceNow AppEngine in the "Downloadables" section at the bottom of the page.


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