ServiceNow SPM - What’s in the box - Project & Portfolio Reporting for Everyone!

Are you ready to take your ServiceNow SPM game to the next level? Join us for our exciting new Webinar Series where we dive into the world of ServiceNow SPM and show you how to extract the most value from your central project and portfolio data.

There are plenty of options within the ServiceNow platform capabilities, which can be often confusing, but we have good news for you!

We are launching a new Webinar Series to bring you best practices and out-of-the-box solutions about ServiceNow SPM functionalities. In this first episode we’ll focus on reporting with ServiceNow SPM. From dashboards to performance analytics, from UI pages to external tools like Microsoft PowerBI, we'll cover all the possibilities and help you understand the pros and cons of each, so you can make informed decisions. And you'll learn how to be a master of dashboards, with real-life examples, step by step tutorials, and tips and tricks to elevate your reporting skills.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your ServiceNow SPM knowledge and become a reporting Rockstar!


  1. Overview of possibilities for SPM:  -->Pros/Cons + when to use + skills needed

    • Dashboards,( End-user Widgets, out of the box reports)

    • Performance Analytics,

    • UI Pages like Status Report and resource reporting

    • External Tools like Microsoft PowerBI

  2. Discussing how everyone can be a master of Dashboards from real-life examples from SPM world

    • How You build a report easily step by step

    • Tips & Tricks for SPM that makes You master ServiceNow reporting

    • Advanced technologies: Examples of next-level visualisations that brings your data alive!*

    • Q&A

Format: Architect’s Podcast

You will be guided through the webinar by our experts: Attila Beregvari & Tamas Szekely


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