Industry 4.0: Value drivers for efficient product and project portfolio management

A joint venture webinar series from ServiceNow and Capture

Save the date: together with ServiceNow we are presenting a webinar series focused on the topic “Industry 4.0: Value drivers for efficient product and project portfolio management”. In our two webinar sessions ”Simplify innovation management & accelerate product development” (5th October) and “Through strategic relevance to better products” (12th October) we are giving a deep dive into how organizations in the industry sector can profit from Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Register now & get on the guestlist!

Please be aware that both webinars will be held in German! 

Webinar 1 – Simplify innovation management & accelerate product development

Innovations are the driving force of many companies, but especially in the field of mechanical engineering or the manufacturing industry, the power of innovation and the development of new customer-relevant products is crucial in international competition. However, as the time to product maturity is getting shorter and shorter, it is also becoming increasingly important to make go or no-go decisions as early as possible and to follow up on good ideas in a structured way.

In this webinar, learn how you can use ServiceNow ITBM to simplify innovation management in your own company through a portal that is accessible to all employees and, through a clear and structured process in the background, ensure that exactly those ideas that have the appropriate potential are followed up on.


  • Short introduction
  • Innovation management is more than an idea
  • Challenges with currently too rigid processes
  • Innovation and demand management in ServiceNow
  • Q&A 

Webinar recording is now available!


Webinar 2 – Through strategic relevance to better products

Once a company decides that a certain idea should be pursued, the question inevitably arises as to how this idea can mature into a corresponding investment. Many organizations, therefore, decide to introduce a demand management process to bring the idea to development maturity. In doing so, it is imperative to gather and assess the necessary information to make a good investment decision.

In this webinar, learn how ServiceNow ITBM can help you set up a demand management process that gives you the flexibility to provide the necessary information that is relevant to your decision-making process while ensuring that you build an accurate roadmap for the success of the products and therefore your business.


  • Short introduction
  • Demand is not equal to "project proposal" - ways to increase flexibility
  • Challenges in the area of investment decisions - especially in connection with product development
  • Demand management & road mapping in ServiceNow 
  • Q&A 

Webinar recording is now available!


Advantages of ServiceNow ITBM

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