Ensure your digital operation with ServiceNow ITSM and SPM

A WEBINAR organized in partnership with Bithawk AG

Join our webinar on June 25 to learn how to leverage IT Service and Strategic Portfolio Management on your ServiceNow platform to address critical challenges and effectively manage your digital operations.


  • Solid ITSM Components with ServiceNow (5 min): IT and Service fundamentals on which you can build a digital operation. Introducing BitHawk’s LeanStart concept.
  • The intertwining of Demand Management in the ITSM space (10 min): Connect ITSM and SPM in a live demo based on transforming Changes, Incidents, Problems, or Requests into Demands. Introduction of Capture SmartStart.
  • Resource management using the upcoming and current work items (5 min): Enhancing resource managers' planning and tracking capabilities to access ITSM and SPM-related activities - the unified backlog functionality.
  • Digital Portfolio Management (5 min): Support your digital operation with interconnected views from SPM and ITSM on portfolio level.
  • Q&A Section (5 min)

When? June 25, 2024, 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM (CET)



Why is it worth attending?

      Explore with us how you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate and manage IT workflows that trigger new demands in your organization.
  • Take advantage of intertwining ITSM processes with SPM Demand Management processes to streamline workflows and provide solid business justifications for demands.
  • Effectively manage the changes to your digital infrastructure that result from converted demands, projects, or agile initiatives.
  • See the big picture of your resources and track their efforts for better capacity estimation.
  • Master the art of addressing related components during the demand phase by linking associated items using ITSM and SPM.
  • Benefit from Digital Portfolio Management's capabilities for a comprehensive view of your applications, services, and ongoing workflows aligned with your strategy and critical initiatives.


Meet the Speakers:


Language: German, English transcript

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