Configuration Control for Clarity - 3C

Configuration Control for Clarity – the add-on for Clarity that eases the complexity that a classical Clarity PPM release and deployment brings with.

With Configuration Control for Clarity (3C) we are providing a solution to one of the biggest items that cause friction within existing Clarity PPM installations: releasing new developments.

How it works

3C has the ability to access the configuration items available from different environments (e.g. Development, Test and Production), to compare these configurations, and to show the differences in a proper visualization. This allows you to see what has been exactly changed and what should be deployed in the next stage of the development lifecycle (e.g. from DEV to TEST or from TEST to PROD).

But 3C goes even further: from version 2.0 it automatically deploys the changes you select from the source environment to the target environment.

More information in our product sheet:

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Where it brings benefits

In the development of Clarity:

  • Preparation of changes to be deployed
  • Automatic deployment of changes
  • Verification of the completeness and quality of deployments
  • Generation of test cases
  • Documentation of the development process

In the maintenance of Clarity:

  • Control of direct changes on PROD
  • Full configuration repository
  • Full documentation of configurations
  • Backwards cloning (re-deploy of PROD)
  • Saving unfinished developments
  • Backup of configurations
  • Root cause analysis of issues
  • Enabling multiple teams working on Clarity
  • Auditing access rights
  • Secure configuration due to Patches and Upgrades

How much benefits it brings

  • Higher efficiency
    Benefit of up to 6,000 EUR/month due to a lower level of manual efforts
  • Quality
    Benefit of up to 8,500 EUR/month due to better consistency of environments, fewer manual errors, and more effective root cause analysis of issues
  • Compliance & Transparency
    Benefit of up to 5,000 EUR/month due to thorough transparency and better control over configurations
  • Agility, Scalability & Time-to-market
    Unquantifiable benefits of shorter release cycles and even a continuous development of Clarity
* The figures given for each benefit item are based on our experiences with existing customers and are reflecting an average mid-size Clarity installation (300 users, interfaces with Jira and SAP). The actual benefits may be higher or lower in a particular customer’s environment.

„3C brings us faster developments of higher quality in Clarity via highlighting the changes made and deploying those changes automatically.”
- application owner of Clarity, Insurance Company


If you want to professionalize your Clarity infrastructure and make sure, that you never again miss any important configuration to be moved over from Dev to Test to Prod, you need 3C to help you in getting all the details together!

If you have any further questions regarding Configuration Control for Clarity or would like to have a free trial, please contact us.

Software License and Services Terms and Conditions

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