Solution Health Check

Review your tools to get the best business and IT performance and gain insights of what to improve and how.

Our Solution Health Check gives you a full system health report on your current environments, systems and application as well as business processes and disciplines.  As a result, you will get improvement scenarios as a decision-making guidance.



  • Need an overview over cost-efficient capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX).
  • Often see the upgrade and maintenance of customized IT solutions as highly time-consuming and costly factors.
  • Demand more flexible license models and SaaS solutions.

PMO Leaders:

  • Struggle with low PPM data quality and that reports rarely show the information needed.
  • Encounter feedback of poor user experience.
  • Need neutral analysis to form coherent arguments about values for the organisation.


We examine all your IT and business tools by

  • Reviewing all available tool documentations including release histories, use cases and user stories.
  • Provided test cases.
  • Making a live check on your production environment including systems logs, individual customisations as well as integrations and interfaces.

Your Benefits

  • Receiving a complete and comprehensive system and environment health report.
  • Identifying functional and operational gaps.
  • Gaining knowledge about improvements regarding configurations, customisations and upgrade feasibility.
  • Facilitating integration and interface modifications for better results.
  • Getting a clear and sustainable plan for upgrades or SaaS migration.

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