Solution Upgrade

Use the latest solution to leverage the newest functions and features.

Take advantage of the latest features and innovations in your project portfolio management (PPM) solutions. Our upgrade experts guide you through a smooth transition that won't add unnecessary stress to your internal support team or resources.



  • Are aware that cultural and process changes are needed
  • Need easy-to-use planning tools with dashboards at a glance.
  • Want to minimise the risks of outdated systems with a slow performance and bugs.

 Team Members:

  • Demand new functions and an enhanced user experience

Our Services:


  • Checking if prerequisites exist
  • Detailed planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Technical upgrade of the development (DEV) environment

Analysis, Adjustment and Test

  • Analysing customizations and interfaces
  • Adjust possible modifications
  • Provide an installation guide
  • Prepare a restoration plan
  • Testing the development (DEV) environment
  • Control of data retention
  • Upgrade of a test environment


  • Upgrade of the productivity (PROD) environment
  • Ensure stabilization and support

Your Benefits:

  • Improve usability with upgrades and correct bug-fixes from previous versions.
  • Profit from new and more accomplished functions that deliver processes faster and easier.
  • Increase system usage and data quality by enhanced user experience.
  • Enable users with a more convenient solution interface.

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