Migrate to Cloud

Achieve operational efficiency and maximise your added values by migrating to cloud PPM.

Migrating your PPM data to a cost-efficient, scalable cloud solution will improve your PPM techniques and keep your portfolio aligned with business goals.



  • Need cost-efficient capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX).
  • Often see the upgrade and maintenance of customized IT solutions as highly time-consuming and costly factors.
  • Demand more flexible license models and SaaS solutions.

Team Members

  • Want to use new functions as soon as possible.
  • Need user-friendly standard workflows, not complicated customisations.
  • Demand solutions for the new ways of working accessible from anywhere.

Our Services

We check live your system characteristics

  • Functions and processes in use
  • Integrations and interfaces
  • Reports and dashboards

Plan & Deploy

  • Discuss To-Be functions based on As-Is plan
  • Address GAPs and prepare communication
  • Configure the SaaS platform
  • Extract existing data and perform data clean-up
  • Migrate data to new the platform

Release & Adopt

  • o    Enable stakeholders and key users
  • o    Setup out-of-the-box reports

Your Benefits of a SaaS solution:

  • Reduce your costs with no hardware expenditure and predictable ongoing operating expenses with scalable license models.
  • Streamline your processes and workflows according to business needs, not your administration.
  • Free up time and resources with lesser support and automatic software updates.
  • Rely on a clean system where reports always show true values based on validated data.
  • Enjoy mobility and enhanced security: employees can access from anywhere and data is stored safely in the cloud.
  • Have upgrades and hotfixes available just after the release.

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