Launching Agile Programs

You want to start your agile journey, but you need guidance how to manage fast value delivery to the end customer.

You want to start your agile journey, but you need guidance how set up teams and manage organisational processes. We at Capture provide coaching on how to scale agile methods across multiple IT and business teams and help you to successfully launch SAFe’s concept of Agile Release Train (ART).


How to

  • scale and implement complex projects,
  • set up new roles within the organisation
  • and deliver business value and do it on time and in budget?

Product managers are facing fast evolving product requirements and feel they are delivered to slowly. Whereas project managers think that the constantly changing product requirements result in huge efforts of re-working. 

Our Services:

We offer Scaled Agile Framework Training for

  • Agile Teams
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners

and guide you through defining the program structure and processes including Value Streams, Agile Release Train, Program Increments Planning.

Your Benefits:

  • Deliver products faster to markets
  • Put your business value into production. Allow last-minute changes with incremental delivery.
  • Registered for SAFe Certification

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