The 5 myths of PPM strategy implementation

PPM software is primarily associated with professional project management. The focus is on functionalities such as cross-departmental project coordination and resource optimisation. But project portfolio management is above all a holistic solution for project organisations. In this Capture blog post we, therefore, address the topic of PPM strategy implementation and debunk five myths surrounding the use of PPM solutions.


  • How to close the gap between business strategy and project implementation with PPM
  • Why top management should work with PPM solutions
  • Which functionalities you can use for strategic portfolio management and corporate governance

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Myth No. 1: PPM software only optimises the operational project organisation

No doubt, PPM solutions professionalise your project organisation. With the use of software, you can automate project management processes and document them in a comprehensible way. Smart project management tools such as adaptive project plans allow project staff to be deployed more effectively, and thanks to greater transparency and plannability, staff motivation also increases – another important lever for optimising resources. This is indeed what most organisations deal with at the beginning of the PPM implementation. Beyond that, however, the software also provides strategic functionalities to an equally large extent:

  • The business intelligence features of the PPM software support the evaluation of past and current projects for better decision-making on strategy issues.
  • Corporate strategies become more visible through good project portfolio analysis and consistent project prioritisation
  • Targets can be broken down into individual projects and staff: the commitment of the whole organisation to the PPM strategy implementation increases

Myth No. 2: Effective strategy work is a question of experience and gut feeling 

The business world has become immensely more complex due to digitalisation and the modern working world. Of course, experience and intuition are still valuable, if not the most important ingredients of successful decision-making. But who would want to do without knowledge of early trend developments if they were available as data and facts? A PPM solution provides management with a modern control cockpit that supports both strategic planning and PPM strategy implementation.

Myth No. 3: PPM always follows the waterfall model

Leading PPM solutions such as ServiceNow and Clarity are methodologically flexible and adapt to the business organisation. Agile methods are on the rise and are preferably combined with proven project management methods. The flexibility of the software in terms of data management and process design offers sufficient leeway to continuously control and develop the PPM strategy implementation. New measures can be initiated with PPM software within a few hours instead of weeks.  

Myth No. 4: PPM strategy implementation needs complementary solutions

The possibilities to specify and measure KPIs – i.e. to create balanced scorecards – are implemented in PPM and do not require additional solutions such as strategy execution software. The art is rather to actively pursue PPM strategy implementation by fully exploiting the potential of PPM and to extend the circle of users of the software to top management.

Myth No. 5: PPM software is only suitable for IT departments in large organisations

The use of PPM is historically anchored in IT organisations. However, the software has long since become a fixture in large project management offices and has thus gained importance in numerous business units. Accordingly, PPM has changed its content and scope in many ways and increased value creation in different organisations.

The secret of success for business champions: PPM strategy implementation

Organisational development has many levers: process optimisation – HR measures – the optimal project selection. Project portfolio management supports on all these levels. According to Gartner, the focus of the most successful companies in the next ten years will be on PPM strategy implementation. All decisions and activities have to be aligned with the company's strategy. The courage to act "without compromise" becomes legitimate throughout the company through data-based decision-making.

Capture SmartStart: Your personalised PPM

The Capture Consultants make customised PPM possible for you within a few weeks. Together, we collect your requirements in a structured way and translate them into a smart PPM solution with which you can start immediately in your company.



PPM strategy implementation – The 5 myths of PPM strategy implementation.pdf
325.25 KB

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