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ServiceNow SPM: Strategize, align, and deliver business outcomes from a single platform and enjoy the benefits in 4 weeks.

Enterprise Agility Demands Strategic Portfolio Management

The way organizations optimize how they plan, align, and deliver products matters more than ever.


By 2025, 70% of digital investments will fail to deliver the expected business outcomes in the absence of a strategic portfolio management approach.  Gartner 2021

Lack of alignment erodes trust and slows the flow of value to your customers:

Close the gap between Strategy and Delivery with Capture's ServiceNow SPM Solutions

  • Why Strategic Portfolio Management? It plays a key role in achieving business objectives, allowing organizations to plan, deliver, and track value across different methodologies.
  • Why ServiceNow SPM? It provides various capabilities, including project portfolio management, demand management, resource management, release management, and more, to support organizations in their pursuit of enterprise agility and strategic success.
  • Why Capture? We are not only a Reseller, but also a Consulting and Implementation partner of ServiceNow, with the goal to help and guide you through your digital transformation journey, and to extend the capabilities of the SPM platform with exclusive add-ons such as the Capture WBS Editor and Hermes.

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey in 4 weeks with Capture SmartStart

Capture SmartStart is a comprehensive service package designed to streamline the initial phase of adopting ServiceNow SPM. It serves as a guide on successfully implementing and operating SPM functionalities on the ServiceNow platform achieved by:

  • Providing an intuitive, user-friendly platform.
  • Simplifying complex processes, functions, and roles with predefined elements.
  • Ensuring successful adoption by training programs.
  • Ensuring implementation in 4 weeks.
  • Describing business roles and responsibilities for seamless adaptation through our comprehensive, ready-to-use Playbook.

Watch our 1-minute video to get to know Capture SmartStart:


Curious about more details?  Download our Whitepaper and schedule a FREE appointment with our experts who can answer your questions and guide you further.   



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