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Accelerate your transformation to Modern UX with Clarity

Your users cannot benefit yet from the newest functionalities of Clarity? – Implement your transformation of Modern UX faster and in better quality!

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Maximize ServiceNow Platform Value by Consolidating PPM Tools

How does your organization gain a competitive advantage? How do you keep your projects aligned with your business goals? How do you eliminate projects that don't deliver value?

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Get your Clarity Deployments under control! | German Webinar

Complex manual deployments, incomplete release documentation and lack of transparency about your configured Clarity environments complicate your daily work? - Do any of these problems sound familiar?

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Industry 4.0: Value drivers for efficient product and project portfolio management

A joint venture webinar series from ServiceNow and Capture

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What's new in ServiceNow ITBM – Webinar Recordings

Webinars &  Recordings "What's new in ServiceNow ITBM"

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Lost track of your application landscape?

When rationalization means something good...

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Do PPM and Agility fit together?

Webinar Recording available now!

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What's new in Clarity – Webinar Recordings

Webinars &  Recordings "What's new in Clarity"

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November Webinar Session

ServiceNow Webinar Recordings now available!

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Webinar "From Project Manager to Project Leader: Competencies and tools to take PMs to the next level"

The role of the classic project manager is in transition: Projects are run in new ways, agile methods are finding their way into the company and PMs are asked to close the gap between strategic focus and rapid achievement of results.

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