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Webinar "From Project Manager to Project Leader: Competencies and tools to take PMs to the next level"

The role of the classic project manager is in transition: Projects are run in new ways, agile methods are finding their way into the company and PMs are asked to close the gap between strategic focus and rapid achievement of results.…

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Capture at AgiCon

1 minutes to read | News |

Capture is cooperation partner of the Agile Conference AgiCon in Budapest, June 12th -13th, 2019, organized by IIR Hungary. …

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Borealis PPM Upgrade Case Study

Borealis Makes Smarter Project Investments with Clarity Project & Portfolio Management…

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Webinare für ServiceNow PPM

Mit dem neuesten New York Release von ServiceNow ITBM wurden wieder viele neue Features in der Plattform zur Verfügung gestellt, von denen auch KundInnen und InteressentInnen der PPM-Lösung profitieren. Aus diesem Grund haben wir 2 Webinare aufgesetzt, um über gängige Probleme und Use-Cases in der heutigen VUCA-Welt zu sprechen:…

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