Clarity-Jira Connector by Capture

Align Project Portfolio Management and Agile Development

One of the major challenges many organizations face today is how to best integrate the ever growing agile world into traditional planning and governance. Governance, meaning decision makers, project portfolio management and finance, needs control, transparency, accountability and results – while product management and software development need to be aligned with strategy but also kept focused on delivering value instead of administration and reporting.

Clarity-Jira Connector by Capture enables you to keep governance and agile development synchronized


With our add-on, the Clarity-Jira Connector by Capture, we bring together the best of the two worlds: portfolios are built in Clarity to ensure transparency for the decision makers, alignment to the strategy, and approved items to be handed over to the teams for development. And agile development teams don’t have to leave their environment, and progress information is easily transferred back to the portfolio level via our add-on.


  • Is a standard integration module continuously used by customers
  • Has configurable object-mapping (even include calculations)
  • Has standard Clarity and Jira fields already pre-mapped


  • Bidirectional attribute mapping Collecting demands in Clarity, then creating projects in Jira automatically
  • Generating backlog in Jira, then transferring the timeline and resource estimations to Clarity
  • Scheduling sprints in Jira with the right epic, user story and task hierarchy from Clarity
  • Aggregate data from Jira on progress, status, timesheet, etc. into Clarity



Our add-on supports the process of synchronizing projects created within Clarity and sending them over to Jira, or in the other way around, keeping both systems updated and synchronized continuously.


Management can continuously see the portfolio’s progress, status, financials without additional data-administration from the team.


All the different teams can stay in their preferred work environment and still get updates quickly and reliably. Our configurable add-on does also allow for an easy adaption to your specific environment if you have added fields to Jira or Clarity.


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