Scaled Agile Training in Q2

Unique remote Scaled Agile training sessions in Q2

Capture offers agile training as part of an agile service package of ours.  These unique times however offer new opportunities like remote training at a lower total cost in cooperation with a new SAFe bronze partner RI Consulting. In 2021 Q2 we offer two occasions to attend:

Leading Scaled Agility

On 10th-11th-12th May we offer the most favourite Leading Scaled Agility course in a 3 days x 6 hours remote form. This course serves ideally as a first step for leaders on how agility may be scaled into their major enterprises. [Certification and more information]

Leading SAFe special remote price: 990 EUR


Lean Portfolio Management

On 1st-2nd-3rd-4th June we conduct a remote Lean Portfolio Management training. This heavily interactive course gives you insights into how project portfolio management is done in an agile or hybrid environment. [Certification and more information]

Lean Portfolio Management special remote price: 1490 EUR


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Both courses provide SAFe certification.

Learn more about the two topics from our webinar:

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