ServiceNow® Resource Management

See staff availability, allocation and capacities for all work tracked in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow® Resource Management helps project and resource managers create plans, request staffing for projects, and assign people to specific tasks. It provides a consolidated view of staff availability, allocation, and capacities for all work tracked in any ServiceNow application, including projects, incidents, problems, changes, and even custom applications built on the Now Platform™.

Key benefits

  • View resource availability with real-time information across all resources
  • Improve resource management with one system that delivers consistent resource management to every IT task and relevant app
  • Match resources with requirements via calendars, schedules, and flexible allocation

Key features

  • Resource Schedule and Calendar - Establish resource capacities quickly and accurately. Once capacity has been set, each resource can add one‑time or repeating events to the calendar, such as time off, operational work, or planned work. You also can allocate multiple resources to the same task with differing start and end dates.
  • Resource Plans with Workflow - Request resources from any task in the system. Once requested, workflow helps automate notifications, approvals, and change‑handling in task schedules or requirements. Resource plans automatically inherit the information in the task description so requesters can quickly identify individual or groups of resources and estimate the effort needed.
  • Resource Console - Easily view current allocations, allocate or view availability, and approve or reject completed resource plans using a consolidated interface. One screen lists all resource plans and displays supply and availability information. Information is filtered based on the specific resource plan chosen.

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